A student conceptual project was focusing on bringing awareness to the new Institute 

Taronga Institute of Science and Learning 


Taronga zoo is opening “the Taronga institute of science and learning” to create new ways of using science and education to shape this future through research, collaboration and immersive learning.


There is a need to build up momentum and create an online presence to begin moving forward.


Create a web page for the institute to create an online presence and raise awareness of their production.


This will also allow functions to further push the Taronga Zoo mandate.





Contextual Inquiry at Taronga Zoo

We went to Taronga zoo to observe visitors and staff in their native habitat to get to know what they feel, see and hear in the environment they are in..

School Excursions

We observed that kids on school excursions were a key audience that this website would appeal to.

Large Families 

Large families were also another key target audience as families use zoos as learning tools to combine fun with education.

We conducted interviews with potential and existing Taronga Institute customers to identify their main pain points, goals and their needs when searching the relevant information on a webpage.

We interviewed a couple of teachers, a few people who work at the zoo and a few people from the general public.


Findings showed frustration towards heavy text on the page without any pictures or visual text support. We also learned that people want to be notified of new additions.



We created a simple survey based on our findings from interviews and posted it on social media to identify areas we want to focus the most for this project. Findings showed:

Immersive habitat classrooms

12 users though that purpose research labs are very interesting.

Purpose-built research laboratories

12 users though that purpose research labs are very interesting.

Direct interaction with real researchers

16 users said that direct interaction with real researchers is very interesting.

Concept model

We created a visual representation of a connected set of ideas such as communication within Taronga zoo and the outside party connection to the Zoo.

It helped us to have a better understanding of how communications may work and helped u to highlight some areas we wanted to improve such as providing a better understanding of what Taronga Institute does and why it is unique.

Affinity Mapping

Our team chose an affinity mapping method to sanitise qualitative data from interviews and surveys to find something common in what participants say and do.


Based on data from research, we created 3 primary personas.


These were based on the groups of people we interviewed, which represented the groups they were from and the journey they would take. These personas were used to understand user needs, gains and pain points.


Family Guy


I want to do cool things with my kids.



  • A fun day out with lots of to see and do

  • Kids happy, I am happy

  • Bonus if kids learn


  • Kids are bored if not enough to do

  • Limited time so need to plan the day

  • Find food, rest stops and toilets

  • Logistics can be complex

  • Need to arrange teachers cover and enough adults 

  • Administrative burden


  • Curriculum-relevant learnings

  • Great  educational resources and facilities

  • Kids inspired to action



I love organising learning experiences that my class will enjoy


Primary school teacher 



Future PHD student


It is so important to find a supervisor and a research you like



  • Find a research project i like

  • Find PnD supervisor who is a good fit

  • Support from research organisation


  • Websites can be out of date, lack of information 

  • Would love contact details of scientists to contact them directly

  • HR can het on the way

Feature Prioritisation 

We decided to use “MSCW” method to prioritise features which we want to include in our project.


Our decision was based on findings from interviews and surveys. We were focusing on “must” and “should” section, but we also tried to add some sections from ”would”.


Facility Description

Images Gallery

Scientist Pages

Immersive Classrooms


Upcoming Events


Clear connection between pages



Social Media

Conservation activities and events



Donation Section 

Partners page



Design Concept V1

Usability Testing

We did some usability testing with our first version prototype to find out if the connection between pages is clear enough and to test navigation on pages.

Usability testing showed that Immersive classrooms page were missing some important information such as a detailed description of classes and what the differences between classrooms.