Hi! I am Julia Kuznetcova

I am a UX Designer who is driven by solving real user problems with purposeful and engaging solutions to help people to achieve their goals.

Latest Projects


Risk Management Software

An internal customisable software which helps to stay on top of risk management and to conduct risk assessments when required.

Thinking.Studio Website

Redesign of the current website in order to improve users engagement and experience.

Policy and Procedure Software

A software which focuses on creating and monitoring the process of policy or procedure.

A couple examples of my student projects from

General Assembly

Taronga Institute of Science and Learning

A student conceptual project which was focusing on conducting research and creating a prototype for a new institute.

Akimbo Circus School

User research was focus on understanding a reason why the website had a huge dropout. Based on the finding hi-fi prototype was created. 


Get In Touch

Please contact me by email or find me on LinkedIn. Looking forward to hearing from you .:)